Tenant portal

We’re so excited that you’re part of our community! Here are answers to common questions about how things work at TUS. This is a lot of information, so please read it carefully! Tenants are responsible for reading & referencing this page; we do add info to it when applicable. We suggest you bookmark it for quick access. When new members join your team, please be sure to share this with them as well.

- The Unique Space Team


Tenant Access:

  1. Black door on 6th Street: Locked 24 hours a day. Enter building access code on keypad to open it.

  2. Pedestrian gate into the parking lot: This gate can be unlocked by calling your office through the intercom or by dialing #2846. Please keep this code for your officemates and do not distribute.

  3. Glass door off the parking lot: Unlocked from 10am to 6pm. Enter building access code on keypad to open it when locked.

  4. Alarm: The alarm is disarmed by the first person in the building in the morning and armed by the last person who leaves. If you arrive prior to 10am or leave after 6pm you may be required to arm and disarm the alarm.

    1. There are 2 alarm keypads. One is located just inside the black door on the right side of the stairwell. The other is located just inside the glass door entry way along the wall to the restrooms.

    2. To arm the alarm enter the alarm code (provided at move in) and the number 1. To disarm the alarm enter the code and the number 2.

    3. Once the alarm is armed you have 60 seconds to leave the building.

    4. When entering the building you have 60 seconds to disarm the alarm before it goes off.

    5. If you set the alarm off accidentally, text Lauren at 818.429.2107 and she will remotely disarm the alarm.

Guest Access:

Our controlled entry point for guests of The Unique Space is the pedestrian gate on 6th street that enters into the parking lot. Each office name and suite number is represented on the intercom menu. Offices are listed in alphabetical order. Guests dial the appropriate suite to be granted access to the building. When guests dial the suite number it rings to the one number each office provides as the contact number for the gate. To open the door from your telephone keypad hold down the number 9. We recommend adding this number to your contacts as "TUS Intercom” for easy identification.

Please screen any guests who call your office. If someone calls you and they are not a guest of your office please do not buzz them in. If someone contacts you but is looking for a different office please instruct them to contact the appropriate office. This is important so that we can avoid any security issues.

False Alarms:

If the alarm is not deactivated within 60 seconds, the police are dispatched. If they determine it to be a false alarm, the city charges us $266 as a false alarm fee. When this happens, the tenant responsible will be invoiced for this fee. To prevent this, please ensure all of your employees, interns, and contractors know how to disarm the alarm. If you set the alarm off text Lauren at 818.429.2107 and she will remotely disarm the alarm.

Parking Lot Access:  

If your office comes with parking you’ll be given a gate clicker for each spot. The cost to replace a lost gate clicker is $50. If a gate clicker stops working properly let Lauren know. Only park in your assigned spot!

If your office does not come with parking, PLEASE do not park in the parking lot or grant your guests access to it.

Security Cameras:

We have security cameras placed throughout the space for the safety and security of our tenants and guests. If a security issue comes to your attention, please notify us as soon as possible. If you witness a crime, please contact the police directly by calling 1-877-275-5273.

Medical Emergencies: 

If you experience or witness a medical emergency, please dial 911. The nearest hospital is:

Good Samaritan Hospital at 1225 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90017

Fire Safety:

The building is equipped with fire extinguishers in all of the common areas, as well as sprinklers in some areas. Maps of all available exits are also posted throughout the building. Please familiarize yourself with these routes and know your nearest exit. In the event of a fire, please notify The Unique Space management office immediately and dial 911. Please minimize any fire hazards in your office including closely monitoring any burning candles. 



Our Morning Manager opens the space every morning by 10am. They tidy the restrooms and kitchen, take out the trash and turn on all of the lights. Our professional cleaning service cleans every Friday after business hours. Our cleaning service does not clean individual offices and we do not have a housekeeping service. Tenants are welcome to hire and manage the cleaning service of their choice for your private office.


Garbage is collected from the common area garbage cans daily. Tenants are responsible for taking out the garbage for their own offices.

Tenants are also responsible for breaking down any boxes and disposing of them in the dumpsters in the parking lot. If boxes are thrown in the dumpsters without being broken down the dumpster will overflow and we will be charged a $250 fee by our waste management company. That fee will be passed along to the office who was responsible.

The waste bins are located in the parking lot behind the white metal gate. Please make sure that all waste is tossed in the black dumpster and all recyclables are tossed in the blue dumpster. When tossing recyclables within the common areas of the building, please try to make sure your bottles/cans are empty to avoid spills. Please do not place used food containers in the recycle bins. 


Our kitchen is one that we all envy and wish we had at home! In part because it’s so beautiful and modern and fun… But all it takes are a couple empty, dirty dishes in the sink to make it look gross. Please do your part and take care of it just like it’s yours because, well, it is!

  • Dishes: It is your responsibility to clean up your own dishes and wipe up any messes. This includes putting dishes in the dishwasher or washing them. It’s important that you don’t leave dirty dishes in your office or in the common areas. We have never had rodent issues and we want to keep it that way!

  • Refrigerator: Tenants should be vigilant about clearing their food items from the fridge. All contents of the kitchen refrigerator are thrown away on Fridays.

  • Dishwasher: We run the dishwasher each night and unload it each morning. PLEASE DO NOT STOP THE DISHWASHER WHEN IT IS RUNNING. We encourage you to handwash your dishes when the dishwasher is running.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee:

Woohoo, we have coffee for you to enjoy all day long! The morning manager sets up the first pot of coffee each day but after that it’s up to all of us… If there’s no more coffee in the pot, make a new one - and please don’t be an a**hole (by being lazy and adding a scoop of grounds to the old ones and throwing in water to make one new cup for yourself), always make a full pot. If you spill coffee, creamer or sugar, please clean it up.


The Unique Space hosts weddings and special events most weekends and some weekday evenings. Tenants cannot use the parking lot on the weekends for this reason. You can access your office 24 hours but please be respectful of our wedding and event guests during these times. If you are having guests at the office on weekends, please make sure that you are with them at all times.

Using the Common Areas:

Tenants can use the grand room for small meetings and as a workspace during business hours. If you need the common space for a meeting/event/photoshoot please contact Lauren at info@theuniquespace.com. Similarly, if you need to reserve the Conference Room please email Lauren as well.


Please do not move or remove common space furniture into your office. If you need to borrow furniture, please contact Lauren. Please be sure that your office furniture is contained in your office and not infringing on the common spaces.



The mail is sorted by the morning manager each morning and placed into private mail boxes. Each office is given one mailbox key. If the mailbox key is lost, there will be a charge of $60 to replace it.


Deliveries are made to individual offices. Please do not sign for or accept any packages or deliveries that are not for your office! Please do not buzz any delivery person into the building unless they are delivering a package to your office.


Each office is equipped with an ethernet plug. You do not need to call AT&T or another service provider to have internet installed. Plug your router into the ethernet plug to set up your internet access.

When moving in, purchase a router of your choice and connect it to the blue data port within your office. Once your router is purchased and connected to the port, please program your router following the instructions on the router itself. You will now have high-speed internet and a network which you created.

We also have guest internet access points throughout the building. Their passwords are as follows:

Unique Cowork 1&2: BE_POSITIVE

Unique USA Conference: DTLArocks

Email Updates:

Lauren sends out a weekly email with information on the events that are happening in the space and any tenant news. If you would like to notify the tenants about something please email Lauren so she can help you get the word out.

Contact List:

For emergencies, maintenance issues, to reserve the conference room or ask about holding an event or meeting, email Lauren at info@theuniquespace.com

For accounting questions email accounting@theuniqueempire.com