When you think about your special day, what do you envision? For most people the first things that come to mind are the perfect venue, the stunner dress, and what your table tops will look like. With festival season upon us, we played with a boho look that fit our modern, industrial building.

To make sure we got it right, we consulted an expert. Alexandra Swanson is a creative Director for Archive Rentals, and she gave us some tips to help us create the boho table we want to dine at for the rest of our days!


-First and foremost, narrow down how you envision your personal “boho” aesthetic!  Do you like more modern/geometric and clean lines tied in, or jive toward an eclectic/colorful mix of patterns and textures? 

-In the case of this specific tabletop, we tied in a touch of modern, through mixed metals of copper and rose gold, alongside mercury votives, but then used an ethereal table runner and turkish towels to tone down the geometric lines and hard metals.

-Utilizing a variety of textures is huge when it comes to bringing together a boho look!  For example we used our smooth stoneware plates, with raw laser cut chargers, then slim elongated flatware and geometric metal elements in the centerpiece area, paired with soft linens!

Venue, The Unique Space

Table decor courtesy of Archive Rental

Florals courtesy of SibylSophia

Photos  courtesy of Kelly Bee Photography

AuthorUnique Space