all furniture included with your rental

    Stoneblue Sofa  Quantity: 1

   Charcoal Upholstered Chair  Quantity: 4

   Wood And Metal Schoolchairs  Quantity: 1

   Brushed Steel Bistro Chairs  Quantity: 2

   White Galvanized Steel Bistro Chair  Quantity: 2

    Bentwood Stool   Quantity: 6 

   Bentwood Stool   Quantity: 6 

  Antique Metal Drafting Table  Quantity: 1

  White Eames Style Chair   Quantity: 1

   Camel Upholstered Chair  Quantity: 1

   Vintage Accent Stool   Quantity:2

   Blue Bowling Alley Accent Chair Quantity: 1

   White Vintage Inspired Steel Chairs  Quantity: 4

   Wood Top Metal Hairpin Leg Table 72"x44"x30" Quantity: 4   

   Barstool   Quantity: 4

  White Bowling Alley Accent Chair  Quantity: 1

  Red Bowling Alley Accent Chair  Quantity: 1

    Accent Suitcases; Various Styles  Quantity: 8

   Red Wire Accent Table  Quantity: 1

   Antique Stacking Side Tables. Quantity: 1