After you've booked The Unique Space for your wedding, you'll have lots to do! Here, you'll find a list of the things we'll need from you toward the end of your planning, beginning about two months out from your big day!

  • First Request, First Booked- When will you have your two hour rehearsal? It can be pretty much any time the Friday before your wedding. We do sometimes have events book on Friday evenings, but since we are first request, first booked, we can reserve your two-hour rehearsal time as soon as you let us know when you want it be.
  • Two Months out- Final Payment is due.
  • One Month out- List of all the vendors working here, at the space, on your wedding day. You are more than welcome to share your vendors with us as you find them, and we are more than happy to give you any feedback we have from working with the hundreds of vendors we have over the past few years.
  • Three Weeks out- COI's from you and all of your vendors are due (check out our COI FAQ page for all the details).
  • Two Weeks out- schedule a final walkthrough to review and finalize your floor-plan. This can be done between two months and two weeks out, the more visibility we have on the flow and structure of the day, the more we can share our knowledge of what works best in the space. We are also happy to build your floor-plan with you, from the ground up! Just schedule a walkthrough and we'll talk through all the details that you'll need to know.
  • Two Weeks out- Timeline for the day-of is due.
  • Two Weeks Out- We'll need to know who our point of contact is for the day-of; the person running the show, directing all vendors and the last person out the door with our site-manager. 
  • The Big Day- Relax! You've done all the planning, now sit back and enjoy!