Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my rental fee?

  • Gorgeous Grand Room
  • Cleaning and trash removal
  • Day-of Site Manager
  • Pre-event vendor walk-throughs
  • Custom AV and projector screen
  • Gated exterior event area/parking lot
  • Security Guard for up to 8 hours of your event
  • The Unique Space vintage and modern furniture: Click here to visit our Furniture Guide

Is there a service fee or sales tax on the venue rental?

No, it is a flat fee.

Are there any mandatory additional fees?

There are no mandatory additional fees that are tacked on outside of the flat rate.

Do you require event insurance?

Yes, we do require day-of event insurance for you as the host, and each one of your vendors. There are several online websites that allow you to secure day-of insurance such as and

Can I hold a date?

We do not allow holds. We book the space on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Do I need to provide a deposit to secure my date?

Yes, to secure a date, a signed contract and nonrefundable deposit are required. The initial deposit is 50% of the cost of your rental, and a $500 refundable security deposit.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept cash, check or credit. All checks must be made out to THE UNIQUE SPACE LLC and for any credit charge there is a 3.4% service charge added to your total.

What furniture do you have available?

Everything listed on our furniture guide is included, free of charge, with your package. We also have additional pieces to rent, at a flat rate, with no additional delivery or pick up charges. Please note none of these pieces are guaranteed and must be approved by your Event/Venue Specialist.

If furniture needs to be moved or set up during the transition of my ceremony in to reception, who moves the furniture?

Your staff. The Unique Space Site Managers are there to help assist in this process if needed but your planner and or catering/staffing services will need to coordinate actual movement.

How many people fit for a seated dinner inside/outside?

Our interior grand room seats maximum150 for a seated dinner with a dance floor. Outside space seats maximum 250 for a seated dinner.

Is there someone to assist us on the day of my event?

Yes, a Site Manager will be onsite during your event to handle any venue related logistical, operational details. The special events Site Manager is NOT a Day-Of Coordinator and will not take on any duties unrelated to the venue.

Does the rental period include load in and load out?

Yes, guests are required to plan at least1 hour for load in and 1 hour for load out.

Can we be in the space past 2am?

No, 2am is the max out within the contract and rental period. If you go into overtime, there is a $400/ hour charge.

How late can the music go?

Music can go as late as 2am inside the Grand Room and the doors and roll up gates must be closed by 10pm as a courtesy to our neighbors.

Where do my guests park?

Street parking is free around The Unique Space on both Saturday and Sunday. Valet is not mandatory but a good option if you would like more of a door to door service for your guests who may not be familiar with LA and the Arts District. Many of our clients use Valet-it. Click here for a quote. 

Can I stop by with my Planner/Vendors/Best friend?

Yes, please click here to schedule a walk-through! The Unique Space is an office space M-F 10am – 6pm. We do welcome you to visit during those hours if you want to visualize something or hash out your floor plan details. 

Are food trucks allowed?

Yes! Food trucks are allowed to park in the parking lot. Please note you will need to hire a service staff if you would like tables to be bussed of dishes and glassware should you need that service. We are happy to provide you with companies that provide these services.

Are we allowed to buy/bring our own alcohol?

We do allow our clients to buy and bring their own alcohol provided that they work this out with a professional service company that provides a beverage license, setup and staff for the bar.

Can we allow bottles of wine open on the tables for guests to serve themselves?

We do not allow self-service alcohol at The Unique Space. All alcohol must be served by a bartending or catering staff.

When can my rentals be delivered to the venue?

Rentals must be dropped off and picked up within your rental period.