Working Girls: Wellness

January 16, 7pm-9pm

We are welcoming some guests in the realm of health and wellness for our first Working Girls event of 2019! We'll be discussing how to keep our bodies and minds ready for a fresh start in the New Year. We'll also be opening doors a little earlier than normal, 6pm, so you can shop from some of our favorite small businesses in the health and wellness industry.

As usual we'll be offering some delightful bites and complementary wine with your ticket purchase. Please wear comfortable clothes and keep in mind we'll be learning some movements to improve our physical selves. This is a more intimate Working Girls than our past events, so space is really limited.

Meet our speakers:

Sandy Attanasio is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, focused on body mechanics, posture and ergonomics. She helps people with body awareness and postural strength and will be taking us through some exercises we can incorporate in our every day lives to feel better.

Saba Harouni Lurie is the owner and founder of Take Root Therapy, a supportive and effective psychotherapy practice located in Los Feliz, California. In addition to being a licensed marriage and family therapist and board certified art therapist, she is also a mother, a partner, and a “hugger of the world and embracer of its eccentricities.” Her philosophy is that self-acceptance and living with intention can change the world. Besides the work that she does with clients and while running her small business, Saba serves as a professor at Loyola Marymount University and recently completed her term as the President of the Southern California Art Therapy Association. Saba will be giving us a mental health overview and leading through a fun special activity!

Rabiah Troncelliti is a Raiki Master and shamanic practitioner. Rabiah’s greatest teachers have been silence and stillness. The hours she has spent in silent meditation have not only taught her the nature of the human mind but also allowed her to release or soften deep patterns. With compassion as a guide, she facilitates health and healing in her clients. Rabiah will lead us through a guided meditation to round out our evening.




Hey, Creatives! Think about how often you've set a goal or spent hours to learn a new skill or technology, only to run up against a mysterious resistance you can't quite seem to shake. You put in hours of time, lots of effort, and piles of money (or all three)...only to lose steam, watch books gather dust on the shelf, and be in the same place you were when you started.

Join our masterclass to take your New Year's resolutions and actually make them a reality. You’ll see new opportunities and clear away the confusion that has kept you from understanding the exact NEXT BEST STEPS.

Breakthrough old patterns and claim a new life with abundance and ease. Get ready to:

  • Meet or double your revenue goals

  • Lockdown critical relationships

  • Identify new opportunities

  • Clear mental, emotional and behavioral, static preventing you from reaching your dreams

  • Craft a path to work less, give more, and receive more

  • Step into a freedom lifestyle

At this event, you will quickly identify your goals and craft an action plan for the whole year. You will also get ideas, inspiration, and support from other motivated and inspiring creatives.

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Attention all fitness lovers and wellness enthusiasts! Moved LA is bringing its popular creative movement workshop to the Unique community on Wednesday, February 20th from 7-9pm! Moved LA offers a non-exercise workout that uses movement as a tool to facilitate self-expression. It doesn't require training, athleticism, or even rhythm – just a willingness to move and have FUN! 

Moved LA creative movement workshops are designed to stimulate the mind and body while getting in some cardio. During the workshop, a movement leader prompts movers with exercises such as “move like popcorn,” “paint the room with your body” and “get through an invisible obstacle course” for an unforgettable experience that’s both fun and challenging. 

Refreshments and a take home gift provided for each participant!

You'll be asked to share a few songs that you love to dance to. We’ll use the songs as inspiration to build a playlist. Wear something you can move in — athletic shoes and comfortable/athletic clothes.