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GA: Understanding the Mobile User Experience


This lecture looks at the touch points (get it?) we as creators have with our users and their mobile devices. The talk covers new mediums we get to play with and how old ones have changed. There will be a strong emphasis on usability principles and how designing an experience should be applied at all stages of creation and then after it is in the wild. We go through documents a dedicated ux designer would create and a slew of examples including search, onboarding, forms, notifications, offline, menus and error states.


  • Examine architectures of mobile systems
  • Look at current UI design patterns
  • Explore usability evaluation methods
  • Learn about issues facing native and web implementations, including hybrid and responsive design
  • Discover tools used to create UX documentation
  • Learn to implement a mobile strategy under a variety of contexts

Prereqs & Preparation



Alyssa Perry is an analytical and creative thinker who brings ideas to life in digital entertainment. Alyssa currently serves as the VP Marketing & Monetization at Blubox Games, focused on aggressively and strategically increasing user acquisition, retention, virality, and monetization of games across various distribution platforms, including social, mobile, and web applications. Alyssa has over 12 years digital marketing experience in positions at SGN Games, Warner Bros., Disney, and News Corp. She is also actively launching a new digital content commerce brand for teens girls.