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The Art of Sales

GA and Unique


So your startup doesn't have any money for a fancy ad campaign or a seasoned sales exec. You can barely keep the lights on as it is. But you know that your product is amazing, and if only your clients knew about you, you would be raking in the dollars. For a struggling start up like yours, there is only one way to make that happen. Pick up the phone.

Cold calling is a deeply psychological exercise. Why is cold calling so hard? What do you feel when you get that call? When you make one? We'll tackle these issues so that you can build up your confidence and deliver a flawless call.

We'll then get into the anatomy of a call: what do you say? what do you talk about? And how do you get somebody from "no" to "maybe"?

And finally, we'll explore the wonderful world of calling into large organizations--how to get to the right person, how to get past gatekeepers, and how to navigate the trifecta of calls, voicemail, and email. Take this class and learn how to do it right. And if you're lucky, we might even do some live calls too.