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We gather creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, take them to a summer camp environment and offer a curated four-day experience programmed to inspire, increase innovation, encourage collaboration and community, and grow success.

Our formula is simple; gather a network of like-minded doers, place them in the environment of a summer camp and provide a curated curriculum that allows them to rediscover the youthful idea that “anything is possible.” Our founder, Sonja Rasula, believes that the keys to her success can be traced back to her days at summer camp... She started CAMP so that adults could rediscover and grow those same skills learned as kids - adventure, leadership, being in an unknown place, socializing with strangers, executing tasks, working within a group, connecting with nature, etc. When was the last time you took four days off the grid to concentrate just on you? Your business and your well-being deserve to come to CAMP!

CAMP is a creative conference for people who want to grow both professionally and personally. Essentially, CAMP is a juxtoposed experience that taps into both the left and right side of the brain in order to inspire the most change and discovery. CAMPers take part in business workshops and creative craft classes,  listen to inspirational speakers, and face outdoor challenges to stimulate all senses. CAMP is for those who understand the value of both climbing trees and learning about how to utilize social media for business. It's an experience that will open your mind, connect you to an amazing community of influencers and show you that four days in the woods (unplugged from email and cell phones) can have a huge impact in your work and life, and increase your creativity, success, and, we think, happiness. 

At CAMP we have two sayings that we take to heart and live by: 
"Adventure is out there" and "We're all in this together. " Come join us!