Creating your unique floorplan

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every event here is unique...

Every one of our clients has their own vision for their big day, and we have the flexibility match. Want a 60 person, intimate dinner? Or a 250 guest reception with a live band? We can do that! 

To make sure your vision will fit and flow the way you want, you'll have to create a floorplan. You can hand draw, adapt the PDF version of our floorplan, or you can use Allseated is easy to use; everything is already to scale, and you can save your floorplan and come back to edit it later (Pro tip- always take a screenshot of the floorplan you're working on so you can bring it up on your camera roll and not have to log back into the site!) . Check out some tutorials on how to use the site, and start putting together the day you've been dreaming of!